Trench Safety Anchor


The Solution

A safety line anchor post that may be mounted to a trench plate to secure retractable safety lines for trench workers. The anchor post has a rotating upper head with opening to mount retractable safety lines. The post may be adapted to any trench plate that has a female threaded hole near the center, and elevates the attachment to a height that ensures lines do not tangle and the retractable mechanisms work properly.


Easy To Use

It's easy to use and has a heavy-duty lifting eye to lift the post and plate together so it can be repositioned.

It replaces the existing practice of anchoring safety lines to convenient equipment or apparatus.

It is not costly and is eminently practical as it can be used anywhere trench work is done. It is superbly durable, requires no support equipment other than the trench plant to which it mounts, and provides a level of safety for trench workers.